Wheel Alignment From an Expert’s View

Fact – wheel alignment does not refer to an adjustment of the wheels or tires of a car. Rather, it refers to the adjustment of an automobile’s suspension. The suspension refers to the system that links the vehicle to its wheels. The angles of a wheel determine how they make contact with the underlying surface. It is, therefore, proper that every car has proper alignment.

Why is Alignment Important?

Tires and wheels perform at an optimum level when they are properly aligned. They also last longer. For the driver, proper alignment prevents the vehicle from vibrating weirdly on the road. Alignment also prevents the vehicle from pulling to one side especially when applying brakes. Additionally, tires last longer when properly aligned.

How Does A Car Lose Its Alignment?

It does not take a lot for a car to lose its perfect wheel alignment. Potholes, wear and tear or accidentally hitting the curb are some causes of poor alignment. Wheel alignment depends on the integrity of rubber components and ball and socket joints. These actions make the rubber components to start cracking and eventually lose their integrity. With time, these components start giving a little more, and get worse unless acted upon.

What Happens When Poor Tire alignment Is Overlooked?

Poor wheel alignment leads to higher repair costs and expenses. One of the reasons for this is that tires wear down much faster than normal. Additionally, the car becomes harder to handle while in motion, which can lead to accidents. Fortunately, these issues are avoidable when the wheels are properly aligned.

However, the car owner needs to make haste when it comes to wheel alignment because the longer the wait, the more the damage. At times, the owner shouldn’t wait for signs, if the last alignment was some time back, it is time to perform wheel alignment.

Do Different Vehicles Have the Same Alignment Specifications?

No! Each vehicle model comes with different wheel alignment specifications. The manufacturer is the one who determines these specifications during manufacture of the vehicle. The manufacturer depending on the weight, size, length and the expected use of the vehicle, reaches at unique alignment angles for each model.

What to Expect From a Trusted Alignment Expert

Auto Bookie uses a specialized wheel alignment machine that is preloaded with alignment specifications that cut across all vehicle models. The expert takes some time to determine the proper alignment angles and makes the necessary corrections. The result is a printout of the specifications before and after the corrections.

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