Discover the Types of Electric Blankets

Even in cool winter weather, people still have the option to keep warm and cozy. This is possible by using an electric blanket. These blankets come in two main categories: the top electric blanket and the bottom electric blanket often referred to as a mattress pad. Each category has many varieties in the market. Continue reading this piece to discover various types of electric blankets.

Before anything else, it is advisable to choose an electric blanket that meets your personal preference and lifestyle requirements in the best way possible.

Consider safety first

Electric blankets come with various degrees of safety. Before making the final decision to purchase an electric blanket, buyers should ensure that it meets the safety test as required by the Underwriters Laboratories or the Electrical Testing Laboratories. Regarding safety, consumers should consider the low-voltage electric blankets because they present less electrical shock, compared to their high-voltage counterparts. Besides, it is advisable to unplug the electrical blanket when it’s idle. In case of anything strange such as smoke or coloration, it is advisable to remove the blanket from the power source immediately.

In plain sight

Based on the design, an electric blanket should rest on top of the body or under it. For the over blanket, it should be on top of other bedding and not directly on the body. For example, it can be paired with a top sheet, duvet, quilt, or with a light blanket. This enables the electric blanket to produce an even temperature. Users are advised not to sit or lie on top of an electric over-blanket, as that can damage the hidden electrical wires. Additionally, lightweight electric blankets provide more comfort compared to the heavy models that can suppress the body through the night. It is also important to check the right size of the blanket to suit the corresponding bed.

Undercover warmth

Undercover electric blankets are ideal for a snug bed to contain the heat around the user’s body. Also called the mattress pad, it fits over an existing mattress to warm it together with the body. Paired with a top sheet or a light blanket, the mattress pad provides a warm space for sleep. Heated mattress pads are safer compared to traditional electric blankets because they lie flat on the mattress.

 Fabulous features

As noted in the beginning of this piece, consumers should choose an electric blanket with the features of their choice. For instance, those who would not like the blanket to be on all night should purchase one with a timer. This will enable automatic switch-off at designated times. It is also advisable to consider multiple heat settings or dual control thermostat, which is necessary when two people share a bed.

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