Things You Should Never Put In A Microwave Oven   no comments

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There are a series of things and foods you should not put in a microwave oven, so doing your homework upfront can prevent a series of unpleasant situations. Moreover, it is very important to know how to maintain the oven by the book. For instance, paper lunch bags are highly contraindicated. Newspapers and plastic bags should be kept away too. They emit toxic smells and can easily start a fire. Other than that, you should also watch out for plastic yogurt containers, eggs, fruits, metallic plates, travel mugs, aluminum foils and other similar elements because each of them has negative effects.

Written by admin on August 6th, 2014

How a good window cleaner can help you   no comments

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A good glazenwasser will always come as prepared as possible for the task. Apart from the cleaning products needed in order to clean the windows and to give them the shiny look they deserve, a good cleaner will also arrive armed with tools and pieces of equipment that will enable him or her to take care of the task in a speedier fashion.

Forget about your wipe and spray- these are ancient methods of cleaning windows, and let a good window cleaner use the new methods of cleaning windows that are soon going to replace the old fashioned and not so effective ones you have been using.

Written by admin on July 29th, 2014

Seams – Making The Difference In Authentic Ray Ban Shades   no comments

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Seams are some of the first things that make the difference between fake and authentic Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, since plastic parts are made of one piece of acetate only. When analyzing a fake pair of sunglasses, seams can be absolutely anywhere. However, there is one common location that you will find in 80% of all fakes – the top edge of the lenses. Moreover, seams may also be installed for extra stability, right on the arm sitting on your ear. It makes no difference how small and insignificant they seem. Ray Ban simply never uses such things in its manufacturing procedures.

Written by admin on August 23rd, 2014